Naruto Manga 576 - Naruto ナルト 576

Naruto Manga 576 - Naruto ナルト 576

Naruto Manga 576 - Naruto ナルト 576 - Now Read the Naruto 576 spoiler confirmed! naruto 576 raw chapter has been released. Click the image below to read the naruto 576 spoilers and raw scans.
Naruto Manga 576 - Naruto ナルト 576

As for Sasuke vs. Kabuto, I hope somehow he knows how to stop Edo Tensei if he "kills" Itachi here. Or that Itachi explains why he's after Kabuto and how to end ET. Otherwise killing Kabuto leaves us with tons of immortals just... hangin' out, sealed away for eternity.

Naruto Manga 576 - Naruto ナルト 576

But above all else I want to see something new from Sasuke's EMS. He has to get in a particularly difficult fight if we expect to see him manifest his new power first, and I see Itachi and Kabuto both as particularly difficult. One of them more so than the other, obviously.

Watch Sasuke say "People deserve death, as such I will give them that by releasing them from this tormented state". It would actually fit him, which is the funny part about it. I doubt Sasuke will have much love for Edo Tensei after seeing Itachi running around in a zombified state. Edo Tensei is a violation of humanity and even Sasuke should despise the technique.

I'm not sure if Sasuke will fight Itachi at all really. Itachi not going all out again would be rather dull and repetative, and him going all out would contradict his statement of leaving Sasuke to Naruto. He might find peace and just leave (undo himself) for some reason. That or Sasuke will eat Itachi to gain more of his awesomeness! Kabuto should pose a decent challenge, but I honestly fail to imagine how Kabuto will have techniques that can compete with the likes of Tobi, Sasuke and Naruto. He just seems much weaker to me.

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